Re-homing your pet without the need of a shelter

You still have options before bringing your pet to the shelter even if you’ve exhausted all possibilities to keep them in your home. Please consider the following options to personally re-home your pet:

Use an Online Re-Homing Tool

Experts at Adopt-a-Pet, with the support of The Petco Foundation have created a safe, no cost online re-homing tool to help place your pet from a loving home, into another loving home.  Click here to learn about this stress and hassle free tool.

Increase his/her adoptability and spread the word

The following are a few simple tips for re-homing your pet:

  • Give yourself time. It can often take weeks to months to find him/her the best home.
  • The more people who know your pet needs a new home the greater the chances you’ll find the right one. Tell your friends, family and co-workers and ask them to do the same.
  • Promote your pet by advertising in the local newspaper or online, but use caution when considering unknown individuals or families as your pet’s new owners. Hold the initial meeting in a public place and ask questions to screen potential adopters. Share your expectations for your pet’s new home and require an adoption fee to deter unscrupulous individuals.
  • Be clear on what your pet needs and be prepared to provide his/her history. Things to share with prospective owners include your pet’s likes and dislikes, food preferences, relationship to other animals, preferred toys, training, routines, etc. Specifics will help make the transition into a new home easier for your pet.
  • Ask questions to ensure the prospective owner meets the qualifications you seek in a new owner. Doing so will ensure that your pet’s well-being will be met in his/her new home.
  • When you find a family that meets your and your pet’s needs, ask for identification and contact information to follow up on how your pet is doing in his/her new home.
  • Never abandon your animal. If you’re unable to make it work with your pet nor are you able to personally re-home him/her, local animal shelters will still take them in and do the best they can within their limited resources to care for and re-home your pet for you.

Talk with specific rescue groups

Rescue groups that focus on caring for and helping families re-home a specific species, breed or special needs pet are available for almost any type of animal. Organized by people who have extensive knowledge of a specific species, breed or condition, these groups provide a variety of opportunities for your pet. This may include the possibility of your pet staying in foster care until a home willing to adopt him/her becomes available.

Find groups near you to learn what they have to offer by utilizing Simply enter your zip code and enter in the species, breed or condition (e.g. senior, blind, etc.).