Help with behavior issues

There is help if your pet has a behavior issue. The Sacramento SPCA offers free behavior advice and low-cost consultations to the public.

Common pet behavior issues that can often be resolved, keeping your pet in the home, include:

  • Dog chewing on furniture or other items
  • Cats scratching furniture
  • Dogs barking too much
  • Cats not using the litter box
  • Dogs interacting negatively with children
  • And many more, including serious issues like aggression, separation anxiety and fearfulness

Free pet behavior helpline for dogs and cats
Provides you with practical information to improve the relationship you have with your pet to a positive, working one. All information given is based on positive reinforcement methods for altering your animal’s behavior.

Dog training classes
Often, behavior issues can be corrected by training your dog to be a good pet. The Sacramento SPCA offers on-site dog training classes for pups four months and older.

Dog behavior consultations
For more difficult behavior issues, the Sacramento SPCA offers low-cost, private consultations where you and your dog can get one-on-one attention to address your dog’s behavior issue(s).


In the event these alternative resources don’t address the circumstances you are experiencing with your pet, please review how to personally re-home your pet or how to surrender your pet to a Sacramento-area animal shelter.