Other issues

Are you having difficulty determining where to look on KeepYourPet.com for a solution? Take a look at the list below and select the one that best fits your situation:

Behavior issues

My pets don’t get along.
My pet is too energetic and I have trouble managing him/her.
My pet is destroying my home, belongings.
My pet is impossible to potty train.
My pet acts out when I leave the house.
My pet keeps having accidents in the house even though s/he is potty trained.
My pet is having a hard time getting around.

I can’t keep my dog in the yard.
My dog acts out when I’m not home.
My neighbors complain about my dog barking.
My dog is showing aggression.
My dog keeps running away.
I can’t control my dog’s barking.

My cat is spraying.
My can’t won’t stop howling.
My cat isn’t using the litter box.

Domestic, financial, and health issues

I want to leave a relationship, but am afraid to leave my pet behind and/or can’t afford to take him/her with me.
I can’t currently afford to care for and/or feed my pet.
I am allergic to my pet.
I’m facing foreclosure and can’t keep my pet.
I’m having a baby and may no longer want my pet.
I’m having a baby and it was recommended to me that I get rid of my pet.
I’m being deployed and don’t have anyone who can care for my pet.
I’m moving and my new landlord won’t allow a pet in our new place.
I’m moving and can’t afford the pet deposit on the new place.
My lifestyle has changed and I no longer have time to care for my pet and/or can no longer meet his/her needs.

Veterinary service costs

I can’t afford to get/keep my pet vaccinated.
I can’t afford to take my pet to the veterinarian.
My pet is really sick and I can’t afford treatment.
My pet needs emergency or extensive surgery and I can’t afford it.
My pet’s medications are too expensive.
My pets keep having puppies/kittens.

If you’re still unable to find a solution to the issue you are facing with your pet, please contact us.